Value Types

Value types declare an Attribute's type when placed left of the Attribute name in the definition. They also declare a passed parameter's type when placed left of the parameter name in the definition. Value types also explicitly cast from type to another when placed in parentheses left of the expression to cast.



A Boolean true/false value. TRUE and FALSE are reserved ECL keywords; they are Boolean constants that may be used to compare against a BOOLEAN type. When BOOLEAN is used in a RECORD structure, a single-byte integer containing one (1) or zero (0) is output.


BOOLEAN MyBoolean := SomeAttribute > 10;
        // declares MyBoolean a BOOLEAN Attribute
BOOLEAN MyBoolean(INTEGER p) := p > 10;
        // MyBoolean takes an INTEGER parameter

BOOLEAN Typtrd := trades.trd_type = 'R';
        // Typtrd is a Boolean attribute, likely to be used as a filter