[StringType] STRING[n]

A character string of n bytes, space padded (not null-terminated). If n is omitted, the string is variable length to the size needed to contain the result of the cast or passed parameter. You may use set indexing into any string to parse out a substring.

The optional StringType may specify ASCII or EBCDIC. If the StringType is missing, the data is in ASCII format. Defining an EBCDIC STRING Attribute as a string constant value implies an ASCII to EBCDIC conversion.

The upper size limit for any STRING value is 4GB.


STRING1 MyString := IF(SomeAttribute > 10,'1','0');
        // declares MyString a 1-byte ASCII string

EBCDIC STRING3 MyString1 := 'ABC';
        //implicit ASCII to EBCDIC conversion

See Also: LENGTH, TRIM, Set Ordering and Indexing, Hexadecimal String