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Arjuna Chala provides readers with a great overview of the HPCC Systems platform, how it differs from other big data tools and the advantages of the ECL programming language.

ChatGPT & the False Alarms of Singularity

David de Hilster  –  July 25, 2023

Welcoming the 2023 HPCC Systems Interns

Hugo Watanuki  –  July 14, 2023

The 2023 KSU Hackathon for Social Good

George Foreman  –  June 14, 2023

Getting up and running with HPCC Systems

George Foreman  –  April 30, 2023

Contributions to the HPCC Systems open source project from the interns in Mumbai

Hugo Watanuki  –  April 25, 2023

Danica Lo | Fast Company

Here’s what Flavio Villanustre and other experts say about which jobs AI will make obsolete—and what jobs it could create.

UGA Hacks 8, Hot Wings and Hope for the Future

George Foreman  –  April 11, 2023