Now Available: Version 9.0

Version 9.0 of the HPCC Systems platform is now available on the Deploy Page of our website and in Github. You’ll see a new, improved user interface to ECL Watch plus many improvements to our containerized (Cloud native) version. For more information, read the latest blog: Nifty Features in ECL Watch (Version 9.0)

Containerized Platform
Deploy using Helm or Terraform

Use the containerized platform for cloud-based deployments featuring Terraform, Helm and other deployments (large or small) as well as local testing and development deployments.


Containerized Platform Documentation

Documentation useful for cloud-based deployments featuring Terraform, Helm and other deployments (large or small) as well as local testing and development deployments.


Read More About our Cloud Native Platform

Visit the Cloud Native Wiki page for access to Helm charts, blog content, videos and other instructional information.


Getting Started with Terraform and Azure

Step-by-step instructions, showing how to deploy into Azure using Terraform open source and additional modules from the LexisNexis Risk Solutions Terraform open-source registry.

Bare Metal, Non-Containerized Platform

Access the installation package for our legacy, bare metal platform. Visit the Version Archive to access previous releases.

Select a version and operating system below to get started. Then select from the available platform, tool and plugin options to complete your download package.


Visit the Version Archive to
access previous releases.

Operating System

        Visit our SourceForge Project

        The HPCC Systems project page is not only a great source of information on our open source project, but it also provides an easy way to get updates when new downloads or other important developer community information is available.

        Release Notes for all Versions

        Please Note: The HPCC integrated Spark plugin is no longer supported as of version 9.0.0 in favor of stand-alone user-managed Spark clusters linked to the HPCC platform using the Spark-HPCC connector.

        If you are upgrading, please read the Release Notes to learn the known limitations and review the comprehensive list of changes between each version.

        See the Status for Supported Releases to learn more about which releases are still receiving development support. We always recommend keeping up to date with releases to take advantage of the latest resolved issues, enhancement and new features.

        Additional Resources

        Continue learning about the HPCC Systems ecosystem, review documentation and other notes that will help you get up and running, or find answers to your toughest questions using the resources below.

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