Meet the Developers

Meet the HPCC Systems Platform Team

Research & Development

Richard Chapman

Richard oversees the HPCC Systems Research and Development team and ROXIE is his brainchild as one of the original designers of the HPCC Systems platform. Richard shares how he enjoys innovating and developing new technology and how the platform has been designed to run throughout time as technologies change. Richard advises new developers to take the time to fix problems at the root and this focus on solving challenges is reflected the platform’s quality today.

Import/Export & Test Systems

Attila Vamos

Attila manages file data import/export as well as the testing systems for the HPCC Systems platform. Attila touches on the strength of the data processing as well as the stability, performance, and speed of the platform. Attila discusses how ideation and the spirit of constant improvement of the development team keep him engaged. He encourages everyone to download and play with the system.

Code Generator- Converting ECL Into Queries

Gavin Halliday

Gavin’s primary focus is on the code generator, which converts ECL into the queries which run on the platform. Gavin enjoys working on problems together with the development team and the varied nature of the work keeps him engaged. Gavin shares how the platform compares with competitive platforms, including scalability and coding simplicity. He enjoys working on the platform and the elegant solutions the development team is able to implement. Gavin encourages people to give it a try!

ECL IDE, ECL Watch, Visualization Framework

Gordon Smith

Gordon is primarily responsible for the areas of the platform that developers interact with including the ECL IDE, ECL Watch, and the visualization framework. Learn about the simplicity of being able to clone the source on GitHub to get a development environment up and running quickly. Visualizations and dashboards can be created easily. The continual learning, mentoring, code development, and more keep Gordon’s work exciting. Gordon encourages all developers to be active in the open source community.

Thor, Dali, Sasha, Core Libraries

Jake Smith

Jake’s main focus areas are Thor, Dali, Sasha, as well as some of the core libraries. Jake shares how working on new algorithms for large scale computing clusters and then seeing these algorithms come to fruition in a real life application is very satisfying. Jake’s favorite part of the platform is ECL, which allows developers to express code in a data-centric way and optimize code easily in a way that will last for well into the future. Learn more about the ease of entry into using the platform from small to very large implementations.

Platform Documentation

Jim DeFabia

Jim leads the documentation for the platform. Jim shares how the platform is always moving forward and innovating. The system is easy to use, with the ability to stand up a cluster in a matter of minutes and be up and running. This data-centric super computing platform works across a variety of data and is easy to use. For those getting started, Jim recommends documentation and tutorials that can help you get up and running quickly.

Low Level IO And Networking Libraries

Mark Kelly

Mark focuses on the low level IO and networking libraries for Thor and ROXIE. Mark shares that he appreciates how the platform utilizes several different technologies, is extensible, and is open source. The platform is a very sophisticated and provides advanced analytics.

Third Party Integrators

Rodrigo Pastrana

Rodrigo focuses on third party integrators for the HPCC Systems platform. Rodrigo talks about how HPCC Systems is truly an end to end big data platform and the many integration interfaces that are available to make using HPCC Systems easy to integrate and adopt.

Code Generator, Thor, ROXIE

Shamser Ahmed

Shamser focuses on the code generator as well as Thor, ROXIE and other areas of the platform. Shamer describes the excitement of working on new challenges every day and how the depth of experience of the development team allows him to continue to grow and learn as he works on this solid and robust big data platform.

Platform Team Software Engineering

Stuart Ort

Listen as Stuart describes what he likes best about the HPCC Systems development team and what makes working on HPCC Systems exciting and fun on a daily basis. Getting started? Stuart gives his recommendations on how to get up and running quickly.

2021 marks 10 years serving the open source community.

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