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Academic Spotlight: Inspirational Words from Aspiring Female Robotics Engineers

Trish McCall  –  May 22, 2024

Roxie Query Performance Part 1 of 2

Gavin Halliday  –  May 03, 2024

Gavin Halliday | Operational Database Management Systems

The primary source of query delays in a data lake is often the need to access data stored on disk, so developers should consider what kind of storage media they’re using and how it affects query times.

The 2024 KSU Hackathon for Social Good

George Foreman  –  April 16, 2024

Hugo Watanuki | Operational Database Management Systems

Learn what IT teams should also consider if they are to gain a true understanding of the capital and operational expenses required to keep a big data platform operational and scalable.

Using the DFU-Copy Command Line Option

Emotion Detection in Social Media in Brazil

David de Hilster  –  March 27, 2024

UGA Hacks 9, Hotter Wings and Helping Missing Children

George Foreman  –  March 14, 2024