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Press Releases

A Decade of Big Data Insights: LexisNexis Risk Solutions Celebrates 10- Year Open Source Anniversary of its HPCC Systems Platform

LexisNexis Risk Solutions to Present on “Tomorrow’s Technologists” Code Camp Before the House Committee on Education and the Workforce

The new credit bureau, created through the combined efforts of the top five banks in Brazil, serves as a model for the future of financial institutions globally

Data from Multiple Sources Make Possible Business Credit Decisions with Greater Confidence and Reduced Risk

LexisNexis Risk Solutions and American Medical Association Launch Verify Health Care Portal to Help Keep Provider Directories Up-to-date

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and Elsevier collaborate in new Advanced Data & Text (HEADT) Centre

Recent Articles

Prathamesh Ingle | NICOLASCADENE

The benefits of HPCC Systems are highlighted in the article Top Big Data Tools For Data Science And Machine Learning Projects in 2022.

Flavio Villanustre | CMS WiRE

Are You Safeguarding Against Bias in Your AI Hiring Systems? To ensure these hiring systems remain impartial, we must start by understanding where bias can potentially enter every step of the process where AI technology is used.

Pranay Kumar | Hevo

Hevo lists HPCC Systems in the top 6 Best Big Data Tools in their article on Big Data processing.

Abbey O’Brien Barrows | Metro Atlanta CEO

HPCC Systems partnered with the nonprofit Connections Homes to create an engaging challenge for students, at Kennesaw State University, to use technology to connect young adults with mentors.

Kennesaw State University News

Students at Kennesaw State University recently used their computing skills in the HPCC Systems sponsored Hackathon for Social Good challenge to help match young adults without families to volunteers who want to mentor them.

Mary K. Pratt | SearchDataManagment

HPCC Systems is listed among 17 popular open source big data tools and technologies to know about in 2022.

Stephen Amazia Dradenya | Elsevier Connect

HPCC Systems internship program inspires students to use data and robotics to solve security challenges.

Analytics Insight

End of the year rankings – HPCC Systems is listed in Top 100 Big Data Companies Driving Innovation in 2021