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End-to-end big data in a massively scalable supercomputing platform.

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HPCC Systems enables business of all sizes to better analyze and understand data at scale, improving time to results and decisions.

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What's New?

New Community Webcast:
The Download: HPCC Systems Community Tech Talks, Episode 13

The reccording is now available for another episode of the community workshops to share knowledge, spark innovation, and further build and link the relationships within our HPCC Systems community.

Featured speakers and topics included:

  • Matt Butler, Kennesaw State University & HPCC Systems Intern - - The Future of Automotive Telemetry: Assessing Autonomous Vehicle Risk Implications using Simulated Data
  • Russ Whitehead, Architect, LexisNexis Risk Solutions – Developing A Custom, Pluggable HPCC Systems Security Manager
  • Craig Cooper, Consulting Software Engineer, LexisNexis Risk Solutions - ECL Tip: Understanding the ECL Watch Graphs
New Blog:
Scaling Data Science Capabilities: Leveraging a Homogeneous Big Data Ecosystem
Read the blog to learn how ClearFunnel has leveraged HPCC Systems for commercial success.

The blog highlights include:

  • What sets HPCC Systems apart from other big data options
  • Biggest advantage of HPCC Systems architecture
  • How ClearFunnel implemented a full spectrum of complex data engineering use cases with HPCC Systems
  • A link to see the recap of Tech Talk Episode 11. There you will find a link to the Webinar recording and the presentation slides, as well as Q & As from all the speakers.
New Customer Webinar:
Boost Customer Engagement, Reduce Churn & Build Habits With Open Source Big Data

Attend the webinar to learn what happened when 3LOQ partnered with a leading Indian banking institution to increase adoption of their digital channels.

Anirudh Shah, Founder & CEO, 3LOQ Labs will share how 3LOQ Labs leverages HPCC Systems to:

  • Analyze four terabytes of data combined with built-in analytics libraries to create personalized recommendations
  • Utilize efficient coding in an implicitly parallel platform that allows prototypes to be developed and iterated quickly
  • Enable horizontal scaling on commodity hardware, with the flexibility to deploy both on premises and in the cloud

Modern IDE support for data programming

Try playing with the code on our virtual playground and sample dataset.

Download the ECL IDE

Visit the ECL Playground

Get the Early Access VS Code ECL Extension

The HPCC Systems Platform

ETL Engine (Thor)

Extract, Transform, and Load your data using a powerful scripting language (ECL) specifically developed to work with data.

Query Engine (ROXIE)

An index based search engine to perform real-time queries. SOAP, XML, REST, and SQL are all supported interfaces.

Data Management Tools

Data Profiling, Data Cleansing, Snapshot Data Updates and consolidation, Job Scheduling and automation are some of the key features.

Predictive Modeling Tools

In place (supporting distributed linear algebra) predictive modeling functionality to perform Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Decision Trees, and Random Forests.

Check out our blog posts

  • Roger Dev
    4 days 4 hours ago
    The Myriad Interface allows users of the HPCC Systems Machine Learning bundles to execute multiple independent machine learning activities within a single interface invocation. Learn how this works and how to use it.
  • Jessica Lorti
    6 days 4 hours ago
    With so many big data processing engines available, how does a start-up decide which one to use? For ClearFunnel, the answer was easy – HPCC Systems.
  • Lorraine Chapman
    3 weeks 4 days ago
    Having blogged about being a fly on the wall at a meeting of the European contingent of the HPCC Systems development team, it’s time to look through a window into the world of the  developer offsite meeting, which is attended by the wider HPCC Systems core development team. At these meetings, the Europeans are joined by a number of US based colleagues for these biannual, week long, residential gatherings.

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