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HPCC Systems can help organizations save money. Not only is the platform Open Source, but it performs with fewer nodes and less programming, which translates into cost savings for companies that need to crunch Big Data and are concerned about big expenses.

Below are recent benchmark tests. Click the test to view detailed results.

Date Benchmark
December 2011 Terasort
Results show that an HPCC Systems four node Thor cluster took only 98 seconds to complete a Terasort with a job size of 100 gigabytes (GB) on a cluster five times smaller than Hadoop. The HPCC Systems platform ran the test in three lines of ECL code compared to previous tests that took more than 700 lines of Java MapReduce code in the Hadoop equivalent.
September 2011 PigMix
PigMix is a set of 17 Pig programs that are used as a benchmark to measure the comparative performance of the Pig programming language versus hand-coded Java running in a Hadoop environment. The algorithms were chosen and coded by the Pig community and should be representative of what Pig is used for and embody best practices for how to do it.

Get a far more detailed explanation of the platform design goals and a comparison to more recent and emerging competitors such as Hadoop in our comparison chart.

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