Case Studies

HPCC Systems has been around for more than a decade, making it the most proven solution of its type in existence. Learn how successful organizations are leveraging the HPCC Systems platform to help them solve Big Data problems.

RNET Technologies

Mohammad Rashti, Project Manager and Research Scientist from RNET Technologies, discusses how he leverages the HPCC Systems platform and ECL programming language in his projects.

Clemson University

Amy Apon, Professor at the School of Computing at Clemson University, Linh Ngo, Staff Data Scientist, and Michael Payne, PhD student, discuss why Clemson University has chosen HPCC Systems in their Big Data Systems Lab for students and researchers.

North Carolina State University

Dr Vincent W. Freeh, Associate Professor, North Carolina State University talks about how he uses HPCC Systems in his research

Florida Atlantic University

Dr Borko Furht, Professor and Director of the NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center, and Victor Herrera, Graduate Student and Research Assistant at Department of Computer Science at Florida Atlantic University, talk about how they leverage HPCC Systems.


Hear why Rob Bigini, VP of Operations, and his team chose HPCC Systems for Comrise. In this video, Rob discusses his strategic decision to teach data analysts how to leverage HPCC Systems.

Archway Health Advisors

Luc Pezet, Information Engineer, discusses why HPCC Systems was chosen for his company Archway Health Advisors to help solve big data problems in the health care industry.

Silicon Valley Technology Professional

Hear the testimonial from John Andleman, Staff Database Engineer, on why he chose HPCC Systems for his work project and how it compared to other leading Big Data platforms popular in Silicon Valley.


Nikolaos Vasiloglou, the CEO of Ismion evaluates HPCC Systems and discusses why he chose HPCC Systems for his company.

Exabyte Big Data - Silicon Valley

Fujio Turner, Software Developer and Founder, Exabyte Big Data - Silicon Valley Meetup, talks about his experience with HPCC Systems.

CPL Online

David Dasher, Managing Director at CPL Online Limited, discusses why HPCC Systems was chosen as the solution to help manage their customer data.

Elsevier's SciVal Story

Elsevier decided to enhance the analytical capabilities of their first generation SciVal solutions using HPCC Systems to better serve research institutions in generating hard facts to support their decision making.

Healthcare and Medicaid Fraud

A LexisNexis customer, the Office of the Medicaid Inspector General (OMIG) of a northeast state, suspected fraud among a group of state Medicaid recipients, all of whom were living in the same high-end condominium complex—and all of whom were on Medicaid. Read how HPCC Systems was used for helping uncover opportunities and pinpoint fraud, waste and abuse.

Engauge Pinterest POV

Learn about Pinterest, social media's newest sweetheart, and the role it can play in companies' marketing program. Engauge created a POV on Pinterest using the HPCC Systems big data platform and machine learning library to analyze the data and usage patterns.

ChoicePoint Migration

LexisNexis Risk Solutions transitioned ChoicePoint to the High Performance Computing Cluster (HPCC) solution.


As a leading information provider, LexisNexis has more than 35 years experience in managing big data.

Sandia National Laboratories

Traditional supercomputing technology allows us to run complex physics applications and visualize detailed simulations.

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