A platform purpose-built for high-speed data engineering.

Innovative Performance and Productivity for Your Data Lake

Now Available: Version 9.8

We’re pleased to announce the next generation of the HPCC Systems® Platform. This exciting new release, version 9.8.0, takes everything you loved about the platform and elevates it to a new level. 

This release includes new Regex libraries, changes to user file lookup permission caching to make sure correct user credentials are used, Interactive ECL in our Language Reference web pages, Syntax checking in the ECL Watch Playground, and various security & performance enhancements.  

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Trustworthy Innovation

HPCC Systems innovation advantage comes from its standards-based lightweight core architecture. Better performance, near real-time results and full-spectrum operational scale — without a massive development team, unnecessary add-ons or increased processing costs. In productive development for more than 20 years and an entrusted open source solution for more than 10 years and thousands of deployments.

Kubernetes Architecture

Harness the benefits of Kubernetes

Ultra Performance

A secure platform purpose-built for high-speed data engineering

High Productivity Programming

Code Less — Accomplish More

Analytics and Machine Learning

Machine Learning Library and Causality Analytics

Third Party Integrations

Integrate with Ease your favorite language or data source


Use your favorite language or data source

Open Source Innovation

Committed to Open Source Innovation

Secure & Reliable

Proven, Stable and Secure


In productive development for more than 20 years and open source for more than 10 years, HPCC Systems is a proven, reliable platform.

Read more about our reliability here.


Code in ECL is more efficient than other languages and the highly parallel environment processes data fast to get answers in milliseconds.

Read more about our benchmarks here.


Platform efficiency saves money in cloud environments while the efficiency of ECL allows you to focus your resources on growth opportunities rather than of coding.

Read more about Total Cost of Ownership here.

White Paper: Keep the TCO of Your Big Data Platform Under Control with HPCC Systems

This paper examines multiple criteria an enterprise IT team should consider before they adopt any big data platform. By rigorously evaluating a potential platform in each of these categories, IT teams will have a better understanding of the total cost of ownership (TCO) of their chosen platform. (Please note: You can also download the full paper here.)

Click to read Keep the TCO of Your Big Data Platform Under Control with HPCC Systems

Get Started

Want to do a little more testing before you install a full cluster? If you’re ready to start building your Data Lake, you can jump straight to learning about how to install your first complete HPCC Systems cluster. Interested in learning just how powerful, flexible, and efficient ECL really is? Take a look at our ECL guide.

Localized Machine

Containerized deployments using Docker Desktop or Minikube are easier to start up locally and provide more flexibility and stability.

Documentation & Training

Tackling big data problems? We’ve got you covered, with documentation and training to support you from initial installation all the way to power user.

Get Up and Running

Get a high level overview to help new users get started with HPCC Systems and ECL (Enterprise Control Language).

Test Drive

Test our code in a virtual playground using a sample dataset. Or, create your own high performance computing cluster (Thor) and/or query cluster (Roxie).

Free, Fast, Open Source

Learning Resources

The HPCC Systems platform is a remarkably powerful system for solving big data challenges — as you start learning the system, your ideas will begin to flow.

Training Classes

Get up to speed fast! HPCC Systems is offering free courses and learning paths to build your skills in working with ECL and advanced platform courses.


Whether you are a new or experienced user, there is something for everyone in our documentation which guides you to the right place to find the information you need.


See the HPCC Systems videos from our engineers, data scientists, and fellow community members who share their knowledge, tips, and other helpful information.


Read the wiki for answers to common questions about HPCC Systems, ECL, Cloud configurations, compatibility, third party resources, Machine Learning, and much more.


Welcome to the HPCC Systems developer community!

Track the latest developments and join us and many others in making our platform even better. Whether you’re in academia, startup, enterprise organization – an experienced big data developer or just getting started, there are a number of ways to get involved.

Upcoming Events

Join us at these upcoming events. Engage with experts from the HPCC Systems community and hear about the latest trends, breakthroughs, challenges and opportunities in the world of Big Data.

HPCC Systems Summit
October 7 – 11, 2024

2024 HPCC Systems Community Summit

The 10th annual HPCC Systems Community Summit. General Talks, Breakout Sessions, Expo Hall, Poster Displays and Workshops.

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