3LOQ is leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to build customer habits that decrease customer churn and increase the number of online transactions.

Business Challenge

One of the major challenges facing financial institutions is customer attrition, or churn. Studies suggest it costs five to seven times more to attract new customers than it does to retain current customers. Studies have also shown that companies are more likely to retain customers who engage frequently with a product or service.

Financial institutions are undertaking the mammoth job of becoming both omnichannel and paperless while encouraging thousands of customers towards making digital channels their primary means of engagement.


3LOQ developed Habitual AI, an artificial intelligence (AI) based solution that could handle the complex, data-driven personalization required to tackle the problem of churn in a more personal, relevant, and meaningful way.

Habitual AI is currently capable of analyzing four terabytes of data and creating personalized recommendations for 20 million customers in six hours or less. Habitual AI increased adoption of digital and internet banking channels. Habitual Al automatically and securely personalizes customer communications while 3LOQ meshes proprietary advanced computing techniques with human wisdom to produce actionable insights.

Benefits of
HPCC Systems

Ease of Use

Developers can quickly and easily learn ECL, allowing them to create rules to refine and clean data from a multitude of different resources and increase data accuracy.


Massively scalable data platform supports rapid development from a growing set of real time data sources.

Speed of Development

Less lines of code in an implicitly parallel platform allow prototypes to be developed and iterated quickly.

Real Time Analytics

Ability to handle massively diverse amounts of real-time data combined with built-in analytics libraries allow 3LOQ to influence customer actions when they can be most impactful.

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Read more about how 3LOQ uses proprietary machine learning algorithms to analyze billions of data points and map out dynamic feature recommendations that put a customer on a habit formation path.

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Anirudh Shah, Founder & CEO, 3LOQ Labs, shares how 3LOQ is solving the problem of customer churn with open source big data and machine learning technology