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Today at 19:00 UTC is the final pencils down date and also marks the opening of the GSoC final evaluation period.

All coding, unit tests and supporting documentation must now be complete. Both our GSoC students are on target to make this deadline. So how have the projects gone?

Expand the HPCC Systems® Visualizations Framework

Anmol Jagetia’s work involved adding unit tests and linting as well as adding new visualisation widgets and enhancing existing ones. He used his existing experience to enhance our build quality infrastructure and has also added a range of new features to the existing framework including the addition of a time lapse capability and a number of features which enable bar charts to be used as Gant charts. The work he has done will significantly improve the user experience.

Add Statistics to the Linear and Logistic Regression Modules

Sarthak Jain has completed the work required for this project and the new statistics will be added to the HPCC Systems® Machine Learning Library.

The statistics he added provide metrics that indicate the ‘goodness’ of the model created. He completed the tasks associated with these statistics in very good time. So when one of our modelling groups asked for some additional statistics to be added, Sarthak agreed to add those too.

He added 3 stepwise functions to the same modules which find the best model by adding or taking away independent variables. A ‘goodness’ metric was also added to select which independent variables are added to or taken away from the model. The 3 functions he added were Forward, Backward and Bidirectional.

Sarthak has certainly made a valuable contribution to our Machine Learning Library that is of direct benefit not only to one of our own teams but, also provides everyone who uses the Linear and Logistic Regression Modules with a solid set of statistics that give vastly improved results about the models created.

Integrating these features into HPCC Systems®
So when can you get your hands on the new features and enhancements added by our GSoC students and interns who have been working with us this summer?

Most will be made available as part of the HPCC Systems® 6.0.0 release targeted for the beginning of 2016. Some may be available sooner depending on how tied they are to new platform code added as part of that release.

We’ve asked all students who have worked with us this summer to create a short YouTube video or presentation about their project and experience working with us. I’ll repost with links to these and confirm details about the availability of the new code later.

We'll also be showcasing the work all our students have completed at the HPCC Systems® Engineering Summit at the end of September.

What about next year?
Finally, well done and thanks to all our students and mentors who have worked so hard this summer. It's been great experience to be part of GSoC. We'll definitely apply again next year, so make sure you keep an eye on the HPCC Systems® GSoC Wiki, Forum and keep checking here for more posts about the student programs and projects available.

We also plan to run the HPCC Systems® Summer Intern Program again next year too. If you are interested in this program, email Lorraine Chapman or Molly O'Neal for more details.


1. Read Anmol Jagetia's blog to find out more about his visualizations project.

2. We will be updating our ideas list and making other changes to the HPCC Systems® GSoC Wiki later in the year.

3. To find out more about the HPCC Systems® Machine Learning Library see the Machine Learning Library Reference.