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I want to share some additional information about 2 other students who joined our intern program this summer.

Michael Tierney and Evan Sheridan are graduates from Trinity College Dublin. Michael's undergraduate degree was in Physics and Astrophysics. He is also moving on to starting an MSc in High Performance Computing. Evan has just completed his degree in Theoretical Physics and will be starting his MSc in Theoretical Modelling at Kings College, London in September. 

Both students applied for a summer internship with ICHEC (Irish Centre for High End Computing). ICHEC provides an interface between academic/research institutions and industry to improve business productivity and international competitiveness for Ireland. We are happy and excited to collaborate with ICHEC by sponsoring 2 students to work on HPCC Systems® projects as part of their summer scholarship program. 

Evan has been getting familiar with the HPCC Systems® Visualization Framework as an end user which has put him in a good position to improve the existing documentation from a users’ perspective. Evan’s project is a perfect example where the internship offered a real opportunity to learn something completely new and then move on to produce something worthwhile. The ultimate goal was to integrate the visualizations into the Eclipse plugin which despite the massive learning curve he managed to do. According to the original plan, Evan has now teamed up with Michael Tierney who has been getting up to speed with the Eclipse architecture and how plugins work in preparation for adding support to Eclipse for the HIPIE language (HPCC Integrated Plug In Engine). Michael has already produced an impressive working demo which has got a few people around here very excited! 

The first screenshot shows an example of the HIPIE language within Eclipse (Michael’s work) and the second shows a live preview of the generated visualisations (Evan’s contribution). Both are displayed alongside each other on the screen but for purpose of this blog, I have split them so you can clearly see what is shown:


New tools and documentation have become available since we created our ECL Plugin for Eclipse and the mentor of this project, Gordon Smith, decided that it would be interesting to see what approach Michael would choose to use to develop this project from scratch, based on the new tools available to him. He chose a very different approach which has worked really well and is on target to produce an exciting and useful tool for HIPIE users. Work is continuing on this project until the end of August. 


1. For more information about ICHEC, visit their website: 

2. Read Michaels Tierney's and Evan Sheridan's blogs to find out more details about their projects and experience. 

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