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HPCC Systems blog contributors are engineers and data scientists who for years have enabled LexisNexis customers to use big data to fulfill critical missions, gain competitive advantage, or unearth new discoveries. Check this blog regularly for insights into how HPCC Systems technology can put big data to work for your own organization.

Gavin Halliday on 11/18/2013

Often an ECL query will consist of a series of results or actions which should all be executed together. Historically there have been two ways of grouping actions together.

P := PARALLEL(a1, a2, a3, a4);

PARALLEL indicates that all of the actions can be executed in parallel. If any intermediate values are common to more than one of the actions, then the values should only be evaluated once, and the result reused by each action.

Gavin Halliday on 10/10/2013

This blog is going to be a bit of an eclectic mix. It will cover the background behind some of the features being added to the platform, what to watch out for when using ECL, and maybe a bit more detail about what goes on under the covers.

The first topic I want to look at is the way fields are optimized, and the motivation behind a new optimization in 4.2….

Flavio Villanustre on 09/20/2013

Last week, close to 300 people met in Delray Beach, Florida, to follow an intensive and densely packed agenda full of technology content on the HPCC Systems platform. It was our third annual HPCC Summit event and doubled its attendance from the previous year.

Flavio Villanustre on 07/31/2013

After almost two years of continuous development, version 4.0 of the HPCC Systems platform has finally been released, with an impressive number of exciting new features and capabilities!

Jo Prichard on 02/19/2013

So you are energized about HPCC Systems and ready to take the leap and "Jump In!" There are three things you will need to do.

Jo Prichard on 01/27/2013

For those who don't know me, here is a brief intro in the context of this blog post.

Some people say I talk a lot!? Just so you know, I am not all talk. I explore, I hack and I get it done; more often than not, I am on my own end to end on the getting it done side of things.

Flavio Villanustre on 12/14/2012

As the end of the 2012 calendar year approaches, at least for a good chunk of the world (and may come to an end on 12/21 for a crazy bunch), some people start celebrating holidays in different cultures and countries. I consider this season a good time to go over things to come in the HPCC Systems platform arena.

Flavio Villanustre on 11/16/2012

I often get asked about comparing the HPCC Systems platform and Hadoop. As many of you probably know already, there are a number of substantial differences between them, and several of these differences are described here.

Renato Golin on 11/05/2012

See the Introduction for this article here.

Previous chapter: Step 3: The Optimisation, and More Tests.

This step is based on the following commit:

Renato Golin on 11/05/2012

See the Introduction for this article here.

Previous chapter: Step 2: The Distributed Flag, and Execution Tests.

This step is based on the following commit: