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HPCC Systems blog contributors are engineers, data scientists, and fellow community members who want to share knowledge, tips, and other helpful information happening in the HPCC Systems community. Check this blog regularly for insights into how HPCC Systems technology can put big data analytics to work for your own needs.

Lorraine Chapman on 04/26/2021
In 2020, we accepted a CodeDay student, Jefferson Mao, on to the HPCC Systems Intern Program. He will be rejoining the program in 2021 along with two other CodeDay participants, Alexander Parra and Eleanor Carl. Find out more about their involvement with CodeDay and their intern projects, which range from using Machine Learning, our Cloud Native platform and the HPCC Systems Covid-19 Tracker.
Lorraine Chapman on 04/12/2021
HPCC Systems 8.0.0 is the first release that is feature complete to the point where our Cloud Native platform is now ready for Cloud performance evaluation. Find out about the features and enhancements now available and the resources available to help you get started using our Cloud Native platform.
Lorraine Chapman on 04/08/2021
While the main focus of HPCC Systems 8.0.0 Gold is the Cloud Native platform, there are many new features and improvements users across both the Cloud Native and Bare Metal platforms will be pleased to see implemented. Find out more about the highlights including features and improvements in performance, usability, security, the ECL Language and Dynamic ESDL
Lorraine Chapman on 03/29/2021
LexisNexis Risk Solutions have been a sponsor of CodeDay since 2014. This program was started to provide students with an opportunity to explore careers in computer science and to introduce them to coding, The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that the last few events have taken place completely virtually, including the latest CodeDay, which was was held at the end of February 2021. 
Vannel Zeufack on 03/25/2021
It is well known in the Machine Learning community that data preparation is the most time-consuming phase of a Machine Learning project. To make that phase smoother on the HPCC Systems platform, Vannel Zeufack has provided a machine learning preprocessing bundle. This work was completed as an intern project in 2020, when Vannel joined the program for the second year running.
Nandhini Velu on 03/02/2021
Nandhini Velu is a Technical Analyst with Infosys who has been working with the HPCC Systems development team as an early adopter of our Cloud Native platform. Nandhini has been specifically looking at how a service mesh primarily designed for microservices fits in to the scheme of things. This tutorial style blog provides a step by step guide to installing HPCC Systems with Linkerd on Microsoft Azure.
Cassandra Walker on 02/26/2021
HPCC Systems is celebrating 10 years as an open source platform with a new podcast series. This series will feature core members of the HPCC Systems community who contribute to the success of HPCC Systems through innovation, advocacy, and education.  This initial installment of the series features Arjuna Chala and Flavio Villanustre, discussing the early days of HPCC Systems and where we are today.
Manish Jaychand on 02/24/2021
Manish Kumar Jaychand is one of a number of developers at Infosys who are working with the HPCC Systems development team as early adopters of our Cloud Native platform. This collaboration contributes to ongoing development while providing expert guidance and tips so you can be an early adopter too. This tutorial style blog provides a step by step guide to installing HPCC Systems with Istio on Microsoft Azure.
Gavin Halliday on 02/09/2021
Previous blogs in this series have looked as persisting data, configuring storage and importing data into a Cloud Native HPCC Systems environment. In this blog, Gavin Halliday provides a tutorial style guide to exporting data from an HPCC Systems bare metal environment to an HPCC Systems Cloud Native environment.
Lorraine Chapman on 01/19/2021
Community involvement in our open source project is at the heart of its success and we take great pleasure and pride in highlighting the commitment, contributions and achievements of our members. You can now display your awards on your social media profile using our new digital badges. There are 15 badges in total. Five for community accomplishments and 10 to mark the achievement of training milestones for ECL language learners, culminating in the Ultimate Master Award. Find out about them all and start your collection!