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HPCC Systems blog contributors are engineers and data scientists who for years have enabled LexisNexis customers to use big data to fulfill critical missions, gain competitive advantage, or unearth new discoveries. Check this blog regularly for insights into how HPCC Systems technology can put big data to work for your own organization.

Lorraine Chapman on 07/05/2016

HPCC Systems 6.0.x is a major release containing a number of wide ranging new features and enhancements, some of which are changes to the underlying architecture of the system. Our early adopters have been helping us to locate issues which tend to only surface with wider use. If you're one of those users, we thank you for your feedback and are pleased to announce that the latest 6.0.x release is now available on our website.

Lorraine Chapman on 06/22/2016

On June 9, DJ Patil, held a Q&A session on Patil, who is the U.S. Chief Data Scientist with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, is responsible for developing policies and practices to help the U.S.

Lorraine Chapman on 06/08/2016

I’ve read a lot recently about how the IT industry would like to try to perpetuate the Moore’s Law principle that computer power doubles every 18 months.

Lorraine Chapman on 05/12/2016

I’m sure we have all got in to one of those conversations where we think we’re talking about the same thing as another person, but down the line realise we’re talking at cross purposes. At times, having a conversation about ESP can be just like this. ‘What do you mean?’ I hear you say. ‘I know exactly what an ESP is.’ But do you really?

Jessica Lorti on 04/26/2016

Last month I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with Flavio Villanustre and Lorraine Chapman to learn more about the upcoming 6.0.0 release.  In this video you’ll learn more about the improvements you will receive just by installing 6.0.0 as well as some key usability features.   Watch to learn more on the capabilities that Flavio and Lorraine are particularly excited about, including the very cool HPCC Systems visualization framework.

Video Highlights:

Flavio Villanustre on 03/17/2016

We often hear about the large companies with large budgets that are leveraging Big Data. But companies of all sizes can benefit from data analysis. It holds plenty of opportunities for SMBs, whether learning about their customers, identifying ways to improve processes or providing additional services. Big Data is not just for big enterprise.

Richard Chapman on 03/16/2016

Recently, the HPCC platform team held one of our offsite conferences, which usually involves us disappearing into the wilderness somewhere for a week. So, leaving the day to day pressures behind, we all decamped to a remote cottage in the frozen North of England to discuss how to improve HPCC Systems as well as future development plans. Something unusual often comes out of these gatherings and this was no exception.

Lorraine Chapman on 03/08/2016

This year, we are running our own summer internship program again. If you are a student wondering how to spend your summer doing something interesting, worthwhile and fun, read on!

Richard Taylor on 03/02/2016

Given the recent buzz around this year’s 88th Academy Awards, our team decided to put HPCC Systems to the test. We used the platform to scan IMDb’s movie database1 for the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.” But we didn’t stop there.

Lorraine Chapman on 02/11/2016

It’s another year for big ideas in big data. Those ideas don’t just come from developers, but from the students they started out as – students like you.