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Proagrica uses big data to help the agriculture industry use data-driven decision making to meet the challenges that face agriculture today.

Business Challenge

Proagrica is a leader in the agriculture industry, driving growth and improving efficiency by delivering high-value insight and data, critical tools and advanced technology solutions, and a range of effective channels-to-market. The goal is to deliver superior products and services that connect and empower industry participants to feed and fuel the world sustainably.

By 2050, the world’s food demand is expected to increase by 70% as the global population increases to 9 billion people; a 34% increase from today. Although the population is growing rapidly, the amount of farmland and resources are not. The landscape of agriculture is extremely complicated and there are massive amounts of diverse data sets. There is a lot of data to consolidate, organize, and enhance to help drive value across all sectors of the agriculture industry, from the farm to the supermarket shelf.


Proagrica needed a massively scalable data refinery environment for ingesting and transforming structured and unstructured big data from diverse sources. Additional requirements for the big data solution included being able to seamlessly work with their enterprise service bus, help deliver quality/clean data, provide data security, and deliver real-time analytics their customers demanded.

The decision to adopt HPCC Systems, a proven and enterprise-tested platform for manipulating, transforming, querying, and warehousing big data, was an easy one. The open source platform features Thor, a data refinery capable of processing billions of records per second, and ROXIE, a data delivery engine capable of supporting thousands of users with sub-second response times. Together they provide an end-to-end solution for big data processing and analytics that supports rapid growth. And HPCC Systems provided another benefit – they focus on data.