2015 HPCC Systems Engineering Summit – Community Day

Delray Beach, FL

September 29, 2015

HPCC Systems® from LexisNexis® Risk Solutions offers an open source, data-intensive supercomputing platform designed for the enterprise to process and deliver Big Data analytical solutions. HPCC Systems underpins the platforms and services of LexisNexis Risk Solutions and many other products across RELX Group plc, a global information solutions powerhouse with $10 billion of revenue. Customers, such as financial institutions, insurance carriers, insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, federal government and other enterprise-class organizations leverage the HPCC Systems technology through LexisNexis® products and services.

Each year LexisNexis Risk Solutions hosts an HPCC Systems Engineering Summit. The purpose of the Summit is to gather engineers, data scientists and technology professionals to share knowledge and future roadmap plans for the HPCC Systems platform. One full day is dedicated to showcase the community and have industry and academia present their HPCC Systems use cases, research projects and share their experience on how they leverage HPCC Systems to solve either a Big Data or Complex Query problem.

We have a great lineup of speakers from industry and academia planned for the agenda. This event will be live-streamed via the HPCC Systems YouTube channel and promoted via Twitter #HPCCSummit.

Watch HPCC Systems Summit Live Stream Track One
Program begins at minute mark 2:13.

  1. Kick-off and HPCC Systems Community Progress – Flavio Villanustre | View Presentation Slides
  2. How HPCC Systems is Transforming Training – David Dasher, CPL Online | View Presentation Slides
  3. New Horizons for HPCC Systems: Industrial Wearables and IoT – Anupam Sengupta, GuardHat

Watch HPCC Systems Summit Live Stream Track Two 
Program begins at minute mark 5:30

  1. Leveraging HPCC Systems and Logi Info For Business Intelligence Applications and Embedded Analytics – Anthony Gil, Logi Analytics | View Presentation
  2. HPCC Systems Brings Deeper Customer Understanding and More Exact Social Marketing Campaign in Haier – Mike Yang, Infosys | View Presentation Slides
  3. OpenPOWER Acceleration of HPCC Systems – Jeffrey (JT) Kellington, IBM & Allan Cantle, Nallatech | View Presentation Slides
  4. Studies of HPCC Systems from Machine Learning Perspectives – Ying Xie & Pooja Chenna, Kennesaw State University | View Presentation Slides

Watch HPCC Systems Summit Live Stream Track Three 
Program begins at minute mark 4:10

  1. OpCodex: Turbo-charging Medical NLP – Ahmad Abukhalil, University of Florida & Drea Leed, LexisNexis | View Presentation Slides
  2. High-dimensional Network Estimation using ECL – Kshitij Khare & Syed Rahman, University of Florida | View Presentation Slides
  3. Discovery Analytics: Tracking Ebola Spread – Jesse Shaw, LexisNexis | View Presentations Slides

Watch HPCC Systems Summit Live Stream Track Four
Program begins at minute mark 2:50

  1. Analyzing Big Data’s Weakest Link (hint: it might be you) – Tim Menzies, North Carolina State University | View Presentation Slides
  2. Discussion Panel – Grooming Data Scientists for Today and for Tomorrow – Moderator: Jennifer Priestley, Kennesaw State University, Panelists: Jeffrey Feinstein, LexisNexis, Tim Menzies, North Carolina State University, Sri Narasimhan, Georgia Institute of Technology, Jo Prichard, HPCC Systems, Murray Webb, IgnitionOne | View Abstract
  3. Findings from Google Summer of Code (GSoC ) – Lorraine Chapman, LexisNexis | View Presentation Slides
  4. Wrap up & Close – Flavio Villanustre | View Presentation Slides