HPCC Systems Internship Program Overview

January 20, 2022

12:30 PM – 1:30 PM EST
Watch the recording / View the presentation

Are you interested in internship opportunities working with open source data lake technology?

The HPCC Systems Open Source Project collaborates with academic institutions around the world, supporting project work and providing internship opportunities for students interested in a career in technology, particularly would be software developers and data scientists. Participating institutions and students take advantage of our online training classes for free,  learning to use our data analytics platform that was designed from the ground up specifically to manage Big Data. 

Paid summer internships provide mentoring and support to complete a project that contributes to our open source big data analytics platform and Machine Learning Library over a 12 week period. Students bring the skills they already have and develop new ones, while immersed in a real world development environment and learning from mentors who are experts in the field. There are opportunities to contribute blogs, presentations and enter our annual poster contest to show what has been achieved to the team and our open source community. 

You may know someone interested in interning with us. Perhaps you are looking to expand your team with self-motivated, highly capable young talent with experience of working with a big data analytics platform. Maybe you are involved in a research project that requires big data analytics and you have a project in mind that would be suitable for a summer intern or are a student looking for this kind of opportunity and experience.

Listen to the recording of this virtual meetup and hear how students can learn new skills in big data analytics, machine learning, cloud native frameworks, programming embedded languages, natural language processing, and more. 

An overview of the HPCC Systems Internship Program is presented by Lorraine Chapman, HPCC Systems Intern Program Manager.