2017 HPCC Systems Summit Community Day

October 3 – 4, 2017

Atlanta, GA

HPCC Systems® from LexisNexis® Risk Solutions offers an open source proven, data-intensive supercomputing platform designed for the enterprise to process and deliver Big Data analytical solutions. HPCC Systems underpins the platforms and services of LexisNexis Risk Solutions and many other products across RELX Group, a global information solutions powerhouse. Customers, such as financial institutions, insurance carriers, insurance companies, law enforcement agencies, federal government, and other enterprise-class organizations leverage the HPCC Systems technology through LexisNexis® products and services.

LexisNexis Risk Solutions hosts an annual HPCC Systems Engineering Summit. The purpose of the Summit is to gather engineers, data scientists, and technology professionals to share knowledge and future roadmap plans for the HPCC Systems platform. This event is dedicated to showcase our community and have industry and academia present their HPCC Systems use cases, research projects, and share their experience on how they leverage the HPCC Systems platform.

New this year, we offered a pre-event workshop on Tuesday October 3 to our Community Day participants. The workshop titled “Mastering Your Big Data with ECL” was ideally suited for those wanting to understand the HPCC Systems platform and learn ECL to build powerful data pipelines.

This year was our 2nd annual HPCC Systems technical poster presentations competition, showcasing the work of our academia community. We would like to congratulate all our participants and winners!

We had a great lineup of speakers from industry and academia. The live-streamed recordings are available via the HPCC Systems YouTube channel and the links to specific talks are below. The event was promoted via Twitter #HPCCSummit.

Track 1 – HPCC Systems in Industry: Real World Use Cases

  1. Welcome, Flavio Villanustre, LexisNexis Risk Solutions Watch Recording
  2. Platinum Sponsorship Keynote – What To Do When Machines Do Everything? Paul Roehrig, Cognizant Watch Recording
  3. Gold Sponsorship Keynote – Mobility Applications of HPCC Systems: How HPCC Systems Interacts Real-time with Mobile Devices and Blockchain, David Sauls, Infosys Watch Recording / View Slides
  4. DataSeers – An HPCC Systems platform for Financial Analysis, Adwait Joshi, DataSeers Watch Recording / View Slides
  5. Habitual.AI + HPCC Systems: Accelerating Habit Building, Anirudh Shah, 3LOQ Watch Recording / View Slides
  6. Couchbase & HPCC Systems – A Complete Mobile & Data Platform in the Enterprise, Fujio Turner, Couchbase Watch Recording / View Slides

Track 2 – HPCC Systems in Academia: Beyond the Classroom

  1. Set Similarity Search using a Distributed Prefix Tree Index, Fabian Fier, Humboldt University Berlin Watch Recording / View Slides
  2. HaaS – HPCC Systems as a Service – BYOD to the Cloud Party Chin-Jung Hsu & Vincent Freeh, NC State University Watch Recording / View Slides
  3. Needle in a Haystack (Advanced text mining with ECL), Zhe Yu, NC State University Watch Recording / View Slides

Community Awards Ceremony

  1. A few words from EVP & CTO, Vijay Raghavan Watch Recording
  2. Recognition and Awards Ceremony Watch Recording / View Slides

Track 3 – HPCC Systems in the Limelight: Success Across RELX

  1. Panel Discussion: Integrated Scientific Discovery, Moderator: Ann Gabriel, Elsevier & Panelists: Amy Apon, Clemson University, J.C. Freytag, Humboldt University Berlin, Tim Menzies, NC State University, & Jon Preston, Kennesaw State University Watch Recording / View Slides
  2. Analysing People – Our Journey to turn HR into a Data Driven Department, Charlotte Vlaarkamp & Matt Holmes, RBI – ExpertHR Watch Recording / View Slides
  3. The Rx for Improved Event Analytics – Driving Increased Sales, Customer Satisfaction, and Retention Through Customer Data Analytics, Tyler Wilson, Reed Exhibitions Watch Recording / View Slides
  4. Driving End-User Value through Actionable Business Intelligence, Jacob Pellock, LexisNexis Risk Solutions Watch Recording / View Slides

Track 4 – HPCC Systems Roadmap Tech Talks

  1. HPCC Systems 6.4.0 and Beyond, Gavin Halliday, LexisNexis Risk Solutions Watch Recording / View Slides
  2. Visualization Framework 2017, Gordon Smith, LexisNexis Risk Solutions Watch Recording / View Slides
  3. Machine Learning Innovations, Roger Dev, LexisNexis Risk Solutions Watch Recording / View Slides
  4. New Thor & ROXIE Hardware Architecture, Jon Burger, LexisNexis Risk Solutions Watch Recording / View Slides
  5. Closing, Flavio Villanustre, LexisNexis Risk Solutions Watch Recording

Thank you to our sponsors!