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Submitted by admin on 13 March 2020

October 5-8, 2020 - Workshop, Poster Displays, General Talks & Breakout Sessions

For the first time ever, we're bringing the 7th annual HPCC Systems Community Day Summit to you virtually this October. Our worldwide virtual event will provide a high quality workshop training opportunity, as well as presentations covering a wide variety of topics and technical posters from students working on HPCC Systems related projects. The purpose of the Summit is to gather engineers, data scientists and technology professionals to share knowledge and future roadmap plans for the HPCC Systems platform. This event is dedicated to showcase our community and have industry and academia present their HPCC Systems use cases, research projects and share their experience on how they leverage the HPCC Systems platform.
Call for Presentations
You are cordially invited to participate in our virtual event and submit a speaking proposal to the HPCC Systems Community Virtual Summit. Authors of selected submissions will have the opportunity to present during the event. Speaking proposals could include how HPCC Systems was leveraged in the areas of big data analytics, research and benchmarking, case studies, proof of concepts (POC), data mining and discovery, machine learning and natural language processing methodologies, graph analytics, IoT solutions, cloud computing, getting started or any other use of the HPCC Systems platform. Discuss any observations and/or recommendations to the community. Submissions should be submitted via email.
In your speaking proposal, please include:

  • The proposed title of your presentation
  • A session description of at least 175-300 words. (Presentations will range from 20 - 30 minutes each.)
  • Your name, title, company name/university, and bio, 125-150 words
  • Contact information to include your email address, mailing address and phone number
  • Twitter and blog addresses (if applicable)
  • High resolution headshot image in color (300dpi, 600x900 pixels is preferred but send whatever you have available.)
  • Tips and Resources for your abstract:
    • Provide clear objectives and detail about the presentation as possible.
    • Include not only what your talk will be about but who will benefit from hearing it, what they will learn from it, and any prior knowledge of topics required.
    • Keep proposals and presentations free of any marketing or sales pitches.
    • See the agenda and session descriptions from last year to give you an idea.
    • Watch the presentations from last year as reference.

Remote ECL Workshop
A three hour workshop, Mastering the Relational, ROXIE and Regressive Realms with ECL, is for Community Virtual Summit participants who want to expand their knowledge of the HPCC Systems platform and ECL in three different phases. The workshop will take students through mastering relational queries, building an index in ROXIE using nested child datasets, writing a ROXIE service for data delivery, and wrapping up with an introduction to Machine Learning using a Learning Trees Regression Model. The workshop will be split into three distinct one-hour remote sessions.

  • Phase 1 - The first hour unleashes the power of ECL with Relational Datasets, and discusses the advantages of using them.
  • Phase 2 - The second hour builds on what we started in Phase 1 and moves forward by delivering this data to ROXIE. We discuss and demonstrate the best practices of building indexed datasets and powerful data queries.
  • Phase 3 - The final hour dives into a practical introduction to Machine Learning using ECL and Learning Trees bundle, and demonstrates how to build a Regressive (Quantitative) Model using a Property Price Predictor.

Code examples and lesson materials will be included. Attendees can attend any one-hour session or the whole workshop occurring 9am - 10am ET on Tuesday October 6, Wednesday October 7, and Thursday October 8. We will also offer this same workshop taught in Portuguese following the same format occurring on the same days and times. 

Prerequisites: This workshop assumes that the attendee have a basic understanding of HPCC Systems and ECL. We recommend that you complete our online Introduction to ECL Courses (Part 1 and 2) before attending.

Poster Presentations Competition
The 5th annual poster presentations competition will be held as part of the Community Virtual Summit, showcasing the work of our academia community on how students leveraged the HPCC Systems platform. For the first time, we will have a Community Choice Award category where our community virtual event attendees can participate in the voting of their favorite poster. Winners will be announced and prizes awarded as part of the Community Recognition ceremony during the main agenda. View the Contest rules for more information and how to submit an entry. 
Virtual Interactive Expo
The Interactive Expo will return where attendees can engage with our HPCC Systems experts, seek advice and guidance on new features and platform infrastructure and interact online with our exhibitors.
Stay tuned!
We are planning a great lineup of speakers so check back soon for registration and other details. Follow the event promotion on Twitter via #HPCCSummit. 

Key Dates
Abstract Submission Deadline:  August 14, 2020