Download HPCC Systems to start converting your organization’s big data from an intractable problem into an invaluable asset.

 Virtual Machine

With our virtual machine image, you can run the HPCC Systems server platform on your Windows desktop or laptop for training, demonstration and proof of concept purposes.

 Release Candidates

The HPCC Systems Release Candidate is a free version of the platform that is not yet ready for production systems.

 Server Platform

A massively scalable big data analytics platform including the Thor data refinery and the ROXIE online query processing engine. Installs on Linux.

 Developer Tools

A collection of free tools that provide developers with everything they need to create big data applications with HPCC Systems.


Keep a check on the health of your HPCC Systems platform with graphical monitoring and reporting.

 Free Modules

Freely available plug-in modules that extend the capabilities of the base system.

 Third Party Integrations

Plug-ins that integrate third party products with the HPCC Systems platform.

 Source Code

Hop on to Github, pull the code, and see how HPCC Systems is built for unequalled speed and scalability.


Documentation and training to support you on your path from a newbie to an HPCC Systems power user.