Enterprise Control Language (ECL) is a data-centric, cluster-aware, declarative programming language for building applications that transform and query big data on the HPCC Systems platform. The ECL IDE is a graphical integrated development environment that makes it easy to use the ECL language.

ECL Support for Other Programming Tools

  • Eclipse IDE for HPCC Systems - an alternative Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which can be used with the HPCC Systems Platform
  • TextPad (zip) - Use this definition file if you want to view ECL code using TextPad. The most common syntax definitions in ECL are supported.
  • SciTE - (Scintilla Text Editor) – Version 3.04 or greater
  • CodeMirror – Version 2.14 or greater

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ECL IDE and Client Tools for Windows
Release Date: 12/20/2016
36.343 MB 6.2.0-1 Download
MD5: ceaf9f4d398896f3505d9c3fbeb2bce8