Free Modules

HPCC Systems continues to develop new stand-alone applications or plug-in modules that extend the capabilities of the base HPCC platform.

Title Edition Description
WsSQL Free WsSQL is an add-on service that provides an SQL interface into HPCC Systems.
Web Log Analytic Module Free Our Web Log Analytic Module (WLAM) can correlate terabytes of log data in a matter of minutes.
Natural Language Parsing (NLP) Free The ability to parse and mine complex (or simple) structured data out of unstructured text using linguistic or ‘regular expression’ techniques.
Smart Stepping Free Smart Stepping enables the supercomputer to efficiently join records from multiple filtered data sources, including subsets of the same dataset.
ECL-ML Machine Learning Module Free The ML project is designed to create an extensible library of fully parallel machine learning routines.
Data Encryption at Rest Free Data Encryption support for encrypted data access.
KEL Lite Free KEL is a next generation Knowledge Engineering Language that sits on top of ECL and HPCC and allows data to be manipulated into knowledge in an abstract manner.

Legacy Modules

The following modules are no longer actively supported, but are listed here for archival purposes.

Title Edition Description
Hadoop Data Integration Free This connector provides access to HDFS data files from HPCC.