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WsSQL is a service that provides an SQL interface into HPCC Systems. The web service accepts a subset of prepared and standard SQL queries. It provides access to most HPCC data and published queries.


The WsSQL service maps HPCC logical files to RDBMS tables and HPCC Published Queries are exposed as RDBMS Stored Procedures. The WsSQL service also provides convenient methods to obtain system information, metadata, and results from previously executed queries.

This service is intended to be used in a programmatic fashion (for example, via database drivers), but can also be used in an interactive fashion by users who are more comfortable using SQL than ECL. This makes it possible to submit ad-hoc queries without learning ECL.


  • Submit SQL queries directly to HPCC via SOAP
  • Access HPCC data files and Published queries
  • Analyze HPCC data using familiar SQL syntax
  • Supports SQL SELECT or CALL syntax
    • Access HPCC data files as DB Tables
    • Access published queries as DB Stored Procedures
  • Supports SQL Create and Load Syntax
  • Harnesses the full power of HPCC under the covers
    • Submitted SQL request generates ECL code which is submitted, compiled, and executed on your target cluster
    • Automatic Index fetching capabilities for quicker data fetches
  • Creates entry-point for programmatic data access
  • Leverage HPCC data without need to learn and write ECL!
    • Opens the door for non ECL programmers to access HPCC data.

Installation and Documentation

Previously, WsSQL was installed using a separate download package. From HPCC Systems 7.0.0. Beta onwards, WsSQL functionality has been fully integrated into the HPCC Systems platform package. We recommend that existing WsSQL users preparing to upgrade from an earlier version of our platform (such as version 6.x.x), uninstall the old WsSQL package before upgrading to avoid potential compatibility issues.


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