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HPCC Systems-Spark Integration consists of a plug-in to the HPCC Systems platform and a Java library that facilitates access from a Spark cluster to/and from data stored on an HPCC Systems cluster.  

The HPCC Systems Spark plug-in integrates Spark into your HPCC System platform. Once installed and configured, the Sparkthor component manages the Integrated Spark cluster. It dynamically configures, starts, and stops your Integrated Spark cluster when you start or stop your HPCC Systems platform.


HPCC Systems-Spark Integration


The Spark-HPCC Systems Distributed Spark Connector employs the standard remote file read facility to read and write data to/from either sequential or indexed HPCC datasets.

The data on an HPCC cluster is partitioned horizontally, with data on each cluster node. Once configured, the HPCC data is available for reading and writing in parallel by the Spark cluster.

The HPCC Systems Spark Connector requires Spark 2.10 or 2.11 and the org.hpccsystems.wsclient library available from the Maven Repository, download now.