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Get the latest version of the platform, the Virtual Machine (VM), or a customized package.

Select a version and operating system below to get started. Then select from the available platform, tool and plugin options to complete your download package.

If you are upgrading:

Read the Release Notes to learn the known limitations and review the comprehensive list of changes between each version.

HPCC Systems is going Cloud Native and early versions of this platform are now available for testing. Learn more about this ongoing development project, find out how to get started using it, and share your experience with us.

Step 1 - Select a Version

Visit the Version Archive to access previous releases.

Step 2 - Select an Operating System

Step 3 - Select your downloads

The minimum recommended packages are automatically selected below. Select any additional assets you require.


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Additional resources

Continue learning about the HPCC Systems ecosystem, review documentation and other notes that will help you get up and running, or find answers to your toughest questions using the resources below.