Getting Started

If you’re new to HPCC Systems, the resources in this section will help you understand what it’s like to use the solution and what it will take to get up and running with the platform. Be sure to also view our Documentation library for the latest information for using and administering the platform. 

Also consider registering and join the HPCC Systems community. Browsing the site is open to all users, but you must be registered as an HPCC Systems community member and logged in to post any comments, contribute any code or information.

Overview Videos

HPCC Systems overview videos show you how the HPCC Systems platform works, how to install and administer it, and how to develop applications for it using the powerful ECL programming language. While some videos provide conceptual information about HPCC Systems components and processes, others offer a visual walk-through of command sequences or GUI-based tasks. 

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Training Classes

If you’ve seen enough of the HPCC Systems to know that it’s the right big data solution for your organization, and you want formal hands-on HPCC Systems training for you and your team, we can provide that training. We offer training programs geared toward organizational roles including: 

  • Developers 
  • System administrators 
  • Managers 

 We offer HPCC Systems classes at our training centers in Florida and Georgia, or for large groups we can provide classes on your site. Introductory classes are also available online.

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AWS Portal

We are pleased to offer developers the HPCC Systems® Thor Data Refinery Cluster and ROXIE Data Delivery Cluster on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The HPCC Systems Instant Cloud for AWS solution allows anyone with an Amazon AWS account to have their own Thor or ROXIE cluster at the push of a button.

Taking advantage of the HPCC Systems Thor Data Refinery Cluster and ROXIE Data Delivery Cluster on AWS infrastructure in the cloud provides a powerful combination designed to make Big Data Analytics computing easier for developers.

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