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Mary K. Pratt | Search Data Management

HPCC Systems is listed among the 18 popular open source tools and technologies for managing and analyzing big data to know about in 2023.

Sascha Brodsky | Lifewire

How AI Could Fake Papers and Wreck the Scientific Process – A question of authenticity

CISION PR Newswire

DataSeers, a FinTech company that leverages HPCC Systems, announces a new partnership with Jacksonville-based FINTAINIUM.

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Flavio Villanustre talks about the talent gap in the article 7 Ways To Better Sell Artificial Intelligence To The Business.

Sascha Brodsky | Lifewire

Flavio Villanustre adds his thoughts on the potential for bias with the general technique AI employs known as deep learning.

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The benefits of HPCC Systems are highlighted in the article Top Big Data Tools For Data Science And Machine Learning Projects in 2022.

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Are You Safeguarding Against Bias in Your AI Hiring Systems? To ensure these hiring systems remain impartial, we must start by understanding where bias can potentially enter every step of the process where AI techno…

Pranay Kumar | Hevo

Hevo lists HPCC Systems in the top 6 Best Big Data Tools in their article on Big Data processing.