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Gavin Halliday | Operational Database Management Systems

The primary source of query delays in a data lake is often the need to access data stored on disk, so developers should consider what kind of storage media they’re using and how it affects query times.

Hugo Watanuki | Operational Database Management Systems

Learn what IT teams should also consider if they are to gain a true understanding of the capital and operational expenses required to keep a big data platform operational and scalable.

Roberto Zicari | Operational Database Management Systems

Learn about our platform and more as Roberto Zicari interviews Richard Taylor, Chief Trainer for HPCC Systems.


Arjuna Chala provides readers with a great overview of the HPCC Systems platform, how it differs from other big data tools and the advantages of the ECL programming language.

Danica Lo | Fast Company

Here’s what Flavio Villanustre and other experts say about which jobs AI will make obsolete—and what jobs it could create.

Ashu Ebot-Tabi | The Sentinel

Ashu Ebot-Tabi | The Sentinel

KSU students beta test social improvement at 2023 Hackathon. HPCC Systems challenge used datasets to create a query capable of determining where people would most likely choose to live.

Isabelle Bousquette | Wall Street Journal

The hype around ChatGPT and other generative-artificial-intelligence technology is highlighting a continuing challenge for businesses. Flavio Villanustre offers his views on how to keep bias out of AI algorithms.

Sascha Brodsky | Lifewire

Sascha Brodsky | Lifewire

Flavio Villanustre and other experts discuss the multiple dangers with chatbots.