Code Day 2019

Code Day AtlantaWouldn’t it be great to show our future generation what the tech industry looks like? In a great move, CodeDay is showing our younger generation, high school and middle school students, tools and technologies that are being used in today’s world. Giving them an idea of what their future looks like and how they can take a role in it when it comes to college. LexisNexis® Risk Solutions has taken its share in this great effort to show our younger ones what the big data world is about, how to solve challenges and think big data using real life challenges.

CodeDay is across the United States and covers some cities outside the U.S. The CodeDay Atlanta event took place at the LexisNexis Risk Solutions Alpharetta campus.

The HPCC Systems® portion was conducted in 10 cities with about 450 students participating. 

The event started by a presentation about big data, real life examples, big data processing, and an overview of the ECL language. 

Code Day Atlanta Presentation

Using HPCC Systems and the ECL Cloud IDE, students had the opportunity to be exposed to big data using Spotify and Gaming Datasets. 

ECL challenges were offered for students to solve with the two winning groups receiving dessert of their choice as the prize, yummy. The prizes for the CodeDay event are purposely small so students can enjoy the experience without any pressure.

Code Day Atlanta Students listening

CD Atlanta Student with Laptop

For the challenge, students were given a set of problems, in which they needed to solve three of the problems to win the challenge. 

Code Day Atlanta Students and Instructor

I personally want to thank the CodeDay organizers for doing an admirable job at organizing the event and all the volunteers from the great HPCC Systems team. A special shoutout to Tyler Mendez for doing such a great job organizing the event and the HPCC Systems team members, Dan Camper, Lili Xu, Jerry Jacob, and Jeremy Clements for doing an excellent job around building the necessary tools and materials and creating a fantastic experience for students.