Documentation – Cloud Native Containerized Platform

Starting with version 8.0.0, the HPCC Systems Platform is focusing on containerized deployments. This is useful for cloud-based deployments (large or small) or local testing/development deployments.

Docker containers managed by Kubernetes (K8s) is a new target operating environment, alongside continued support for traditional “bare metal” installations using .deb or .rpm installer files. Support for traditional installers continues and that type of deployment is viable for bare metal deployments or manual setups in the Cloud.

This is not a lift and shift type change, where the platform runs its legacy structure unchanged and treat the containers as just a way of providing virtual machines on which to run, but a significant change in how components are configured, how and when they start up, and where they store their data.

Containerized HPCC Systems Platform

This book focuses on containerized deployments. The first section is about using Docker containers and Helm charts locally. The second part uses the same techniques in the cloud.

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