Google Summer of Code (GSoC) student information

We are delighted to be a mentoring organisation for GSoC 2015!

Welcome to any students who are thinking of taking on an HPCC Systems® project for GSoC. 

We have created a Forum especially for GSoC here: where there is a post containing information to help you get started using HPCC Systems®. If you have any general questions or comments about GSoC, post on the GSoC Forum page or email the organisation mentors:

Trish McCall –
Lorraine Chapman –

Check out the HPCC Systems® GSoC wiki here: You’ll find information about other ways to contact us or find out information about HPCC Systems® including resources accessible from this website, details of how to connect with us via social media channels, as well as some general guidance about GSoC.

Our GSoC Ideas List for 2015 is also located in the wiki here: Each project has a description including specifications for deliverables and an email address for the mentor associated with the project.

Remember, we cannot accept proposals directly via email. You must enter your proposal using Google’s Melange interface here: The application process opens on Monday 16th March and closes on Friday 27th March. 

So you have some time now to select a project and get answers to your questions from the mentor. We look forward to receiving your proposal. 

Good luck!