The HPCC JDBC Driver provides SQL-based access to HPCC Systems data files and published queries.

This allows you to connect to the HPCC Systems platform through your favorite JDBC client and access your data without the need to write a single line of ECL!

  • Analyze HPCC data using many JDBC Client User Interfaces
  • Supports simple SQL SELECT or CALL syntax
    • Access HPCC data files as DB Tables
    • Access published queries as DB Stored Procedures
  • Harnesses the full power of HPCC under the covers
    • Submitted SQL request generates ECL code which is submitted, compiled, and executed on your target cluster
    • Automatic Index fetching capabilities for quicker data fetches
  • Creates entry-point for programmatic data access
  • Leverage HPCC data and JDBC client functionality without need to learn and write ECL!
    • Opens the door for non ECL programmers to access HPCC data.

Comprehensive List of changes from Beta 0.3.2 to 1.0.0

  Driver                    | JDBC- 54 prepareSQL() parameter elcResultLimit changed to connectTimoutMillis

Known Limitations:

  • JDBC-29 GetRowCount does not report total result count
  • JDBC-26   JDBC queries can potentially be blocked on HPCC side (depending on load) and can timeout.
  • JDBC-31   Due to JDBC interface definition, and common use,
    full HPCC version is not reported, only major and minor are reported
  • JDBC-19   Trace file created even though TraceToFile is not specified
  • JDBC-18   Log to file doesn’t seem to flush until app terminates
  • JDBC-17   Several JDBC Methods not implemented
  • JDBC-8     JDBC Driver does not support DFU files without ECL record definitions or complex ECL record
  • WSSQL-74 Nested select statements not supported
  • WSSQL-73 HPCC files with nested record definitions cause errors
  • WSSQL-72 Index fetches don’t use keyed fields exclusively
  • WSSQL-71 Join clause can cause merge of non-uniquely named fields
  • WSSQL-63 Stored procedure lookup doesn’t support filtering of procedure name
  • WSSQL-57 HPCC file scope delimiter “::” could cause invalid SQL queries
    – Quoting fully-qualified file names might be required
  • WSSQL-22 Some DFU files erroneously not fetched as metadata