HPCC Systems 5.0

5.0 has been released! Right on time for the festivities celebrating the third anniversary of our Open Source HPCC Systems platform!

Together with a plethora of tweaks and improvements, it features a number of new capabilities including internationalization and translation into Chinese, Spanish, Hungarian, Serbian and Portuguese, a redesigned ECL Watch which offers a significant face-lift over our traditional management interface, a large number of visualizations that can be driven directly from within ECL, a more natural way to embed foreign functions into ECL, for Python, R, Java and JavaScript (and even a neat teaser on embedding SQLite), and so many more that it would be difficult to enumerate in a single blog post. An extensive list of new features, changes and enhancements is available as a sticky post in our forums.

What makes this event even more exciting is the fact that a number of new integrations are available too: How would you like to use SQL queries through a web services interface, to access published Roxie ECL queries? WsSQL now makes this possible! And how about a complete deployment of an entire HPCC environment with a click of a mouse under Canonical’s Ubuntu Juju? The free HPCC charm is available in the Juju store! And if you use Nagios, the new seamless integration allows direct monitoring of HPCC infrastructure with your existing monitoring system.

This is a great milestone for the HPCC community; so head over to the Downloads section now, and don’t forget to use the forums to tell others about your experience, get answers to your questions and socialize with the rest of the community.

And Happy Birthday, HPCC Systems!