Internship opportunities with LexisNexis – Spread the word

Students are back in school and it’s the right time to start thinking about how to use your time to full advantage next summer. If you’re already thinking about completing an internship in 2017, we have two internship programs for you to choose from. Read on to find out which is the best fit for you.

In 2016, a total of 55 students completed summer internships with LexisNexis across the two programs. 51 students joined the LexisNexis Intern Program working in offices scattered around the USA including Florida, Ohio, Georgia but also in Dublin, Ireland.

Four students joined the HPCC Systems Intern Program with two students working remotely from the USA and India, while two others worked in an office alongside their mentors in Boca Raton, FL and Alpharetta, GA in the USA.

Some of our interns wearing the summer 2016 T-Shirt:

Introducing the LexisNexis Intern Program

The LexisNexis Intern Program lasts for 10 weeks over the summer (June to mid August). It’s a full time, 40 hours per week paid internship. Students are office based and are given a manager and mentor for the duration of their internship.

As a LexisNexis intern, you will work on a business related project but you will also be given the opportunity to contribute to the wider working community by attending team building events and taking part in community service activities.

You will have a weekly meeting with business leaders and at the end of your internship, you are invited to give a presentation about the work you have done and your experience as a LexisNexis intern.

This intern program is best suited to Juniors and Seniors only and there are opportunities across many different areas of our business.

Contact us for more information about the LexisNexis Intern Program.

Introducing the HPCC Systems Intern Program

The HPCC Systems Open Source Project is part of the LexisNexis Risk Solutions Division. We run our own intern program alongside the LexisNexis Intern Program and there are some distinct differences.  This intern program is geared toward those of you who are particularly interested in software development and it is project specific. You choose a project of interest to you and help to scope out the work involved. We provide a list of possible projects, although you can suggest one too. Students have done this in the past. By the time you start, you already know exactly what you will work on and how you will complete the project.

Like the LN Intern Program, it lasts for 10 weeks and you work alongside a mentor who is an expert in the area related to your project. You are required to submit weekly progress reports and keep in regular contact with your mentor for support.

Students on this program generally work remotely. We have accepted students working remotely from India and Europe and well as from within the USA. We can accept students who want to work remotely from any country that has a LexisNexis office. We can be flexible about the start and end dates because we know that semesters run according to different schedules around the world.

Remote workers are paid a stipend in two parts which is released once a favorable evaluation by the mentor has been received half way through and on completion of the program. Office based worker are paid every two weeks.

We ask you to write a blog journal about your project and experience and also to prepare a presentation on completion of the project, showcasing what you have achieved. We feature the work of our interns including the blogs and presentations on our wiki and here on our website. We have also had students present their work at our annual Engineering Summit.

On completion, your project is absorbed into the HPCC Systems codebase in exactly the same way as for any other developer on the team. So not only have you completed an internship, but you have also contributed to our open source project and your work will be available to all our users. Maybe, you will enjoy it so much that you’ll intern with us again or when you’ve graduated, join the team for real!

Contact us for more information about the HPCC Systems Intern Program.