Review of HPCC Systems major new features added in 2015

Happy New Year from the HPCC Systems Platform Team! 

For my first blog of the year, I want to look back at what was achieved in 2015, by drawing your attention to the major features and improvements that were implemented in HPCC Systems 5.2.x and 5.4.x Gold releases, published in March and August respectively. Blogs already exist for both releases (see the links below), so I’m just going to list them. Take a look at each item and make sure you are aware of improvements to features you are already using, as well as new features that might make your use of HPCC Systems easier and more efficient.

Also check out these resources, if you haven’t already done so:

Major new features and improvements included in HPCC Systems 5.4.x 

  1. Add automated support and packaging for JAPIs – JAPI-1
  2. Integrate Nagios into ECL Watch – HPCC-10089
  3. More Topology in ECL Watch – HPCC-11833 (Part of the ongoing ECL Watch facelift improvements)
  4. Init system improvements – HPCC-14635 (This issue contains the most notable, but a number of others improvements were also made as part of this drive. 26 improvements in total)
  5. Provide ability to analyse workunit performance HPCC-10377 (Building on work done in 5.0.0 and 5.2.0. (More improvements to come in this area in the future)
  6. Performance improvements in the memory manager– work done behind the scenes to make it possible to run all thorslaves on a single process (Laying the foundations for improvements to be included in 6.0.0 and beyond).
  7. Performance improvements in the Code Generator – HPCC-14645– edited highlights over 40 fixes in this area
  8. More Cassandra plugin improvements – HPCC-14646  – edited highlights
  9. More JSON – HPCC-13975HPCC-13685
  10. Improved ECL Language Features – HPCC-14647 – edited highlights too many to list
  11. WS-SQL Update -Numerous changes viewable in the WS-SQL JIRA Repo 

Major new features and improvements included in HPCC Systems 5.2.x

  1. Implement the ODBC Connector – ODBC-1
  2. ECL JSON Support and documentation (reading, writing, FROMJSON and TOJSON)- HPCC-10672
  3. Dynamic ESDL Gold Release – HPCC-10644 (Building on the initial release in 5.0.0. Making it available to Community users.)
  4. Enterprise Logging Service Gold Release – HPCC-10645 (Building on the technical preview released in 5.0.0. Making it availabe to Community users.)
  5. Support for memcached – HPCC-11522 
  6. Support for embedded Cassandra – HPCC-10617 
  7. Refactoring HPCC Statistics – HPCC-12360 (Related to work continuing in HPCC-10377 below)
  8. Integrate Ganglia monitoring into ECL Watch – HPCC-8827 – Sub task 7
  9. Nagios improvements – HPCC-12716 (Building on the technical preview command line features introduced in 5.0.0)
  10. Provide an ARM port – HPCC-9697 (Released as a Technical Preview)
  11. New Topology in ECL Watch – HPCC-11833 (Part of the ongoing ECL Watch facelift )
  12. Add URL fetch for bundle install – HPCC-11993 (Building on bundle suppot new in 5.0.0.)
  13. Field order in ROXIE forms – HPCC-9917 (Keyword parameters added to STORED and ⌗function and ⌗web service)
  14. Include dmetaphone in the OSS version of HPCC Systems – HPCC-12810
  15. Support for Redis – HPCC-12395
  16. 100% Javascript Graph Control – Part of the intention to improve the Graph Viewer generally HPCC-9695 sub task 10 (Technical Preview – Gold version coming in 6.0.0)

If you have any questions or comments about a feature or improvement, feel free to post in the Developer Forum or email me.

In 2016, we will be releasing HPCC Systems 6.0.0 which will include a number of new features and improvements as featured in my HPCC Systems Beta 6.0.0 Blog. However, since then, more features have been added so look out for an update coming soon. Roll on 2016!