Video Interview: Highlights of the Upcoming 6.0.0 Release

Last month I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with Flavio Villanustre and Lorraine Chapman to learn more about the upcoming 6.0.0 release.  In this video you’ll learn more about the improvements you will receive just by installing 6.0.0 as well as some key usability features.   Watch to learn more on the capabilities that Flavio and Lorraine are particularly excited about, including the very cool HPCC Systems visualization framework.

Video Highlights:

3:45:  Multi-threading slaves to increase speed and performance using every available core.

7:10:  6.0.0 Improvements that require no configuration changes including:

                      7:11:  New merge sort capability

                      7:40:   Performance improvements and new compression utility

9:08:  6.0.0 Usability features including:

                     9:11:  New trace activity capability  without a performance impact

                      10:59:  New ECL Watch interface and transition information

12:05:  Integration with Cassandra for work unit management to boost scalability and redundancy

13:42:  ESDL support on Java

14:37:  Ability to merge multiple package files for distributed team benefits

15:50:  HPCC Systems visualization framework including using data from within a workunit or Roxie query

20:25  Quantile capability without needing to sort

* Please note that the cloud cluster Lorraine refers to at timecode 18:30 has now been setup. A separate blog is available including a walkthrough and links to the demo pages