White Papers

White Papers

HPCC Systems white papers provide in-depth analysis and discussion of the components of HPCC Systems and how they stack up to other market place solutions

How It Works

Introduction to HPCC Systems

This white paper provides an introduction to the HPCC Systems Platform that solves large data processing problem.

ECL an Overview

Learn about Enterprise Control Language (ECL), the data-oriented programming language that sets HPCC Systems apart from other big data solutions.

Models for Big Data

This paper explores data models used for big data processing and shows how the preferred technology is one that can flexibly move between models.


Math & the Multi-Component Keys

This paper explains the math behind the phenomenal performance of the multi-component key within the HPCC Systems platform and ECL.

Data Intensive Computing Solutions

Data-intensive computing is a new computing paradigm that enables big data applications previously thought to be impractical or infeasible.

Cyber Security Analytics

This paper shows how HPCC Systems technology can counter cyber threats that seek to exploit the data deluge that’s swamping enterprises and governments.

Advanced Topics

HPCC Systems Fuse

The FUSE driver for HPCC Systems enables you to use Filesystem in User Space (FUSE) technology to interact with files on an HPCC Systems cluster.

Social Network Analytics & Fraud

Learn how social network analytics are helping to thwart organized health care fraud.

Thinking Declaratively

This paper helps developers to think declaratively and shows the power of ECL, the declarative programming language designed to solve big data problems.

Using Juju Charm to Configure and Deploy HPCC Systems® on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

This is part one of a two part series on Using Juju Charm to Configure and Deploy HPCC Systems® on Amazon Web Services.

Using HtS3 to Deploy HPCC Systems and Save and Restore Files

This paper describes how to setup and use HtS3 to configure and deploy HPCC Systems to AWS; as well as save and restore files on the deployed Thor cluster.

Lambda Architecture and HPCC Systems

Lambda Architecture is a set of platform-agnostic principles and best practices for Big Data processing systems. This whitepaper explains how HPCC Systems is a naturally-evolved example of the Lambda Architecture.


Aggregate Data Analysis

Learn how the HPCC Systems platform and ECL language surpass traditional RDBMS and SQL as a solution to today’s big data challenges.

Performing in the Pig-Pen

This set of benchmark tests shows how applications written in ECL outperform Hadoop applications written in PIG or Java, for identical big data tasks.

Intelligent ETL

This paper shows how HPCC Systems technology solves previously intractable extract, transform, and load (ETL) problems for massive datasets.

ECL for Hadoopers

If you’re a Hadoop user and you want to know the ECL equivalents of common Hadoop functions, this is the paper for you.

ECL for PIGgers

This paper helps PIG users get up to speed in ECL as quickly as possible.

HPCC Systems with Cisco Unified Computing System

LexisNexis has collaborated with Cisco to offer a high-performance analytics platform that is scalable, flexible, and cost effective.


These handbooks are designed as a reference for researchers, programmers, business managers, entrepreneurs and investors within the big data industry.

Big Data Technologies and Applications

Furht, Borko, Villanustre, Flavio (Eds.) 1st Edition, 2016, XVIII, 400 p. 118 illus.

  • Describes real-life solutions using big data analytics
  • Covers wide-ranging applications such as security, fraud, and machine learning
  • Describes various data intensive applications
  • Intended for a wide variety of people including researchers, scientists, programmers, engineers, designers, developers, educators, and students

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Handbook of Data Intensive Computing

Furht, Borko; Escalante, Armando (Eds.) 2011, 2011, XVIII, 793 p. 297 illus

  • Describes and evaluates the current state-of-the-art in new field
  • Presents current systems, and applications from main research labs in this new explosive field
  • Written at a level that business managers, entrepreneurs, and investors will find beneficial

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Handbook of Cloud Computing

Furht, Borko; Escalante, Armando (Eds.) 1st Edition., 2010, XIX, 634 p. 230 illus.

  • Includes contributions from world experts working in academia, research institutions and industry
  • Offers case studies, examples and exercises throughout
  • Covers systems, tools, and services of leading providers such as Google, Yahoo, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft

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