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Free Introductory Courses

The introductory classes are available online and free for anyone wanting to learn the basics of the ECL programming language and the HPCC Systems platform. Sign up at to get started. Select HPCC Systems from the Solutions drop down list. View brochure for more information.

Comrise, a HPCC Systems partner, has made available Chinese translated versions of the following courses and documents.
Introduction to ECL - HPCC系统ECL初级课程--中文版
Introduction to Thor - HPCC系统Thor初级课程--中文版
Advanced ECL - HPCC系统ECL高级课程--中文版
Advanced Thor - HPCC系统Thor高级课程--中文版
Introduction to Roxie - HPCC系统Roxie初级课程--中文版
Advanced Roxie - HPCC系统Roxie高级课程--中文版
ECL Programmers Guide (version