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Check out our schedule below to see upcoming dates for classroom based training. Review our recommended learning tracks to see which training program is best suitable for your role.

Classes on the west coast or other areas are available on a per request basis. Onsite training at your location is also available for large groups. Minimum of 6 students is required. Maximum of 20 students. Price is based on per person plus travel expenses.

Online Training

The introductory classes are now available online and free for anyone wanting to learn the basics of the ECL programming language and the HPCC Systems platform used for Big Data processing and analytics. Sign up at to get started. Chinese translated versions of the introductory classes are also available.

April 9, 1:00pm - April 11, 12:00pm -  Alpharetta, Georgia

April 11, 1:00pm - April 13, 12:00pm - Alpharetta, Georgia

April 16, 1:00pm - April 18, 12:00pm -  Alpharetta, Georgia

April 18, 1:00pm - April 20, 12:00pm - Alpharetta, Georgia

April 23, 1:00pm - April 25, 12:00pm - Alpharetta, GA

April 25, 1:00pm - April 27, 12:00pm - Alpharetta, GA

July 9, 1:00pm - July 11, 12:00pm -  Alpharetta, Georgia

July 11, 1:00pm - July 13, 12:00pm - Alpharetta, Georgia