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To tackle big data problems you need more then great technology, you need the knowledge and skills to put that technology to its best use. We've got you covered, with documentation and training to support you from your first few moments with the HPCC Systems® right on through your progression to HPCC Systems power use. Select from one of the categories below, or view all documentation.

Installation and Administration

All you need to know to get your HPCC Systems up and running, and keep it running smoothly.

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Learning ECL

Learn the basics of ECL the powerful programming language built for big data analytics. Then move to advanced ECL topics.

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ECL IDE And Client Tools

Learn how to use ECL IDE, ECL Command Line Interface, ECL Debugger, and other productivity enhancing tools.

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Machine Learning (ML)

Find out how to use machine learning library that comes with your HPCC Systems.

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Tutorials designed to help you quickly learn how to do big data application development using ECL and the HPCC Systems platform.

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