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Tutorials designed to help you quickly learn how to do big data application development using ECL and the HPCC Systems platform.

HPCC Data Tutorial: with an Introduction to Thor and ROXIE

This tutorial provides a walk-through of the development process from beginning to end and is designed to be an introduction to working with data on HPCC, as well as give an introduction to Thor and Roxie. The Sample Data Files are required references for the tutorial.

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Sample Data File (one from the below needed)
In ZIP format
In tar.gz format OriginalPerson.tar.gz
Uncompressed OriginalPerson

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon ECL Example

This step by step ECL Programming Example details how to solve the challenge of finding the Six degrees of Separation between any actor and Kevin Bacon.

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The information used for this analysis can be found on

Data Handling

These steps explain how to move data on or off an HPCC Cluster.

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