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Learn how to make big data easier with
HPCC Systems.

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Learning tracks

These tracks help simplify which classes to take, in what order, and what add-on classes are available. Please note that some of these classes are available in both online and in person formats.

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High-Level Managers Track

  1. Introduction to HPCC for Managers

ETL Developers Track

  1. Introduction to ECL (Part 1): Concepts and Queries
  2. Introduction to ECL (Part 2): The Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) Process
  3. Advanced ECL (Part 1): Working with Relational Data
  4. Advanced ECL (Part 2): Super Files, Working with XML, and Free-form Text Parsing
  • Optional Add-on — Applied ECL: ECL Code Generation Tools

ROXIE Query Developers Track

All courses under ETL Developer Track, PLUS:

  1. ROXIE ECL (Part 1): Indexes and Queries
  2. ROXIE ECL (Part 2): Complex Query Development
  • Optional Add-on — Applied ECL: Special Projects

Operations Track

  1. Introduction to HPCC System Administration: Thor Clusters
  2. Advanced HPCC Systems Administration: ROXIE Clusters

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June 12, 9:00am - June 13, 4:00pm Boca Raton, Florida

July 9, 1:00pm - July 11, 12:00pm -  Alpharetta, Georgia

July 11, 1:00pm - July 13, 12:00pm - Alpharetta, Georgia

July 16, 1:00pm - July 18, 12:00pm -  Alpharetta, Georgia

July 18, 1:00pm - July 20, 12:00pm - Alpharetta, Georgia

July 23, 1:00pm - July 25, 12:00pm - Alpharetta, GA

July 25, 1:00pm - July 27, 12:00pm - Alpharetta, GA

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