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Ready for an easy, proven, open-source, data-intensive supercomputing platform?

Explore the ECL Playground

Try playing with the code yourself on our virtual playground and sample dataset.


Launch Instant Cloud

With the push of a button, create your own high performance computing cluster (Thor) and/or query cluster (ROXIE).

AWS Cloud

Get the Virtual Machine

Download the HPCC Systems virtual image now to quickly get a pre-configured HPCC up and running inside a Linux virtual machine on a Windows host, using free virtualization software from Oracle.

Running the HPCC Systems Virtual Machine on a single computer won’t give you the massive parallel processing power that comes with running the HPCC Systems on a cluster, but it will provide you ample HPCC Systems functionality for experimenting, evaluation, or training. You can even create real-world big data analytics applications that you can later use on a full HPCC Systems cluster.

Setting up the HPCC Systems on your Windows desktop or laptop is fast and easy, and our installation documentation tells you how to obtain and install a free Oracle VM VirtualBox as well as how to import and run HPCC Systems.

Visit the Download page to download the Virtual Machine for your server platform.

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