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Get Started

Explore the power of HPCC Systems

Test our code in a virtual playground using a sample dataset.


Create your own high performance computing cluster (Thor) and/or query cluster (ROXIE).


Free downloads and introductory training courses help you get up and running quickly and easily.

Want to do a little more testing before you install a full cluster? The Virtual Machine is where you want to start. If you’re ready to start building your data lake, you can jump straight to learning about how to install your first complete HPCC Systems cluster. Interested in learning just how powerful, flexible, and efficient ECL really is? Take a look at our ECL guide.

Virtual Machine

Download the HPCC Systems virtual image now to get a pre-configured HPCC Systems platform up and running inside a Linux virtual machine on a Windows host using Oracle’s free virtualization software.

The HPCC Systems Virtual Machine won’t give you the massive computing power of a full cluster, but it will provide ample functionality for experimentation and evaluation, introductory training or creating applications you can later transfer to a cluster.

Install a free Oracle VM Virtual Box

Learn how to install the Virtual Machine (Video)

Running HPCC Systems in a virtual Machine (PDF)

Visit the Download page to download the Virtual Machine for your server platform.

HPCC Systems

Install a complete HPCC Systems cluster to gain access to a massively powerful data lake management platform.

HPCC Systems can help you process and analyze massive volumes of data using a fast, flexible, lightweight architecture that is enterprise-proven and can scale to meet any data needs.

Introduction to HPCC Systems (PDF)

Installing and running HPCC Systems platform (PDF)

Visit the Downloads page to select your full HPCC Systems platform download package.


Learn the basics of ECL, our powerful programming language built specifically for big data analytics.

ECL is a remarkably powerful language for managing data lake operations. Start learning the language now and watch the ideas start to flow.

Learning ECL (PDFs)

Take the first ECL training course Visit the Training page to see more courses.

Visit the Training page to see more courses.

HPCC Systems wiki

Whether you are new to HPCC Systems or an experienced pro, there’s always more to learn. Our wiki page is a one-stop shop with answers to any questions you might have. Click here to view the entire wiki, or choose from some of the most popular categories below.