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End-to-end big data in a massively scalable supercomputing platform.

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Join Us for Community Day - Oct 8 & 9 in Atlanta

2018 HPCC系统社区日

Join us at our gathering of engineers, data scientists, academia, and technology professionals who share knowledge, featured use cases / research projects, and future roadmap plans for the HPCC Systems platform.
Registration open through September 21st.

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HPCC Systems enables business of all sizes to better analyze and understand data at scale, improving time to results and decisions.


Easier to update.

Easier to learn.

Easier to program.

Easier to integrate data.

Easier to manage clusters.

What's New?

New Release Available:
HPCC Systems 7.0.0 Beta 2 Gold

Download the Beta for access to the most significant new features we intend to include in the final gold version of this major release. Please remember that this beta contains fixes and new features that may require changes to the way you work.

New Blog:
5 Questions with Itauma Itauma

Check out our new community podcast series to hear Flavio Villanustre interview Itauma Itauma.

A doctoral candidate at Keiser University and a computer science instructor at Wayne State University, Itauma is an expert in learning analytics and uses HPCC Systems for his educational research.

New Community Webcast:
The Download: HPCC Systems Community Tech Talks, Episode 17

The recording is now available to hear the second episode featuring more of our very talented HPCC Systems summer interns:

  • Farah Al Shanik, Clemson University - Equivalence Terms for Text Search Bundle
  • Lily Xu, Clemson University & Gus Reyna, LexisNexis Risk Solutions – Using HPCC Systems ML to Map Thousands of Violation Descriptions to Standard Violation Codes
  • Soukaina Filali, Georgia State University - Fraud Detection on Transactional Data using a Time Series Mining Approach

Modern IDE support for data programming

Try playing with the code on our virtual playground and sample dataset.

Download the ECL IDE

Visit the ECL Playground

Get the Early Access VS Code ECL Extension

The HPCC Systems Platform

ETL Engine (Thor)

Extract, Transform, and Load your data using a powerful scripting language (ECL) specifically developed to work with data.

Query Engine (ROXIE)

An index based search engine to perform real-time queries. SOAP, XML, REST, and SQL are all supported interfaces.

Data Management Tools

Data Profiling, Data Cleansing, Snapshot Data Updates and consolidation, Job Scheduling and automation are some of the key features.

Predictive Modeling Tools

In place (supporting distributed linear algebra) predictive modeling functionality to perform Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Decision Trees, and Random Forests.

Check out our blog

  • Jessica Lorti
    23 hours ago
    On September 13, 2018, HPCC Systems hosted the latest edition of The Download: Tech Talks. This series of workshops is specifically designed for the community by the community with the goal to share knowledge, spark innovation, and further build and link the relationships within our HPCC Systems community. In this very special edition of Tech Talks, we featured more of our 2018 HPCC Systems summer interns and the work they are doing with machine learning.
  • Jessica Lorti
    1 week 3 days ago
    Welcome to our new interview series “5 Questions with an HPCC Systems Community Member” where we will highlight some of our most prominent HPCC Systems community members. These are the people who are avid users of our open source platform and can offer real world expertise and best use information. A doctoral candidate at Keiser University and a computer science instructor at Wayne State University, Itauma Itauma is an expert in learning analytics and uses HPCC Systems for his educational research.
  • Roger Dev
    2 weeks 3 days ago
    Cause and effect lie at the heart of human discourse and knowledge. Yet computer science and mathematics has very little to say on the subject until recently. There are now algorithms that can detect patterns of cause and effect from data. We explore these mechanisms and how they relate to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

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