LexisNexis, Academia Start Big Data Conversation at CTS’s First International Symposium On Big Data

ATLANTA – May 17, 2013 – LexisNexis Risk® Solutions today announced the program schedule for the First International Symposium on Big Data & Data Analytics in Collaboration (BDDAC), held in conjunction with the 2013 International Conference on Collaboration Technologies and Systems, May 20-24, 2013, in San Diego. LexisNexis and its team from HPCC Systems®, an open-source, enterprise-proven platform for Big Data analysis and processing, are bringing together big data and academic experts from leading organizations and universities across the country and abroad.

“The research and academic communities, government organizations and leading companies in the Big Data field are key to the innovation in technology required to solve today societal challenges,” said Flavio Villanustre, Vice President, Information Security, LexisNexis, and symposium organizer. “It is this type of collaboration that fuels the evolution of information technology. We appreciate everyone’s contribution to make this forum a reality for organizations looking to extract better insights from Big Data.”

The First International Symposium on Big Data and Data Analytics in Collaboration (BDDAC 2013) Program Schedule:

•    Big Data, Deep Data, and the Effect of System Architectures on Performance
Speaker: Peter Kogge, University of Notre Dame and EMU Solutions, Inc., Indiana, USA
“Big Data” traditionally refers to some combination of high volume of data, high velocity of change, and/or wide variety and complexity of the underlying data. Recently, a growing number of “Deep Data” problems have arisen where it is the relationships between objects, and not necessarily the collections of objects, that are important, and for which the traditional implementation techniques are unsatisfactory. The goal is to discover, to at least a first order approximation, what are the tall poles preventing a speedup of their solution.
•    New Technologies and Approaches for Deriving Insight from Big Data
Panel Speakers:
•    Flavio Villanustre, VP, LexisNexis
•    Nikolaos Vasiloglou, CEO, Ismion Inc.
•    Jacob Spoelstra, Global Head of R&D, Opera Solutions, LLC
•    Aditya Sehgal, Director of Research and New Products, Parity Computing Inc.
Have you wondered why there is so much data and why it is growing so fast? Companies have been collecting data for years in transaction systems. The adoption of mobile phones and the expansion of the Internet are leading to every machine becoming a node on the Web, relentlessly generating data! The moderator will engage a panel of data scientists and researchers into a discussion on the best tools and approaches for studying social media data and understanding the difference between “tons of data” and “meaningful information derived from data.” Panelists will share their insights and knowledge on how new technologies are helping to drive decision-making, uncover patterns and reveal relationships that never before could have been obtained.

•    Case Study: Delivering a Comprehensive Suite of Tools to Support Travel Agents Identify and Capture New-sell/Cross-sell/Up-sell Opportunities
Speakers: Siddhartha Bagaria, Staff Scientist; Richard Palmer, Principal; and Jacob Spoelstra, Global Head of R&D, Opera Solutions, LLC
Volume and velocity are two of the three V’s that define Big Data. This is especially true in the global travel industry, where billions of messages are being passed between travel agents and travel providers on a continual basis, arriving at rates of hundreds/thousands per second (this includes for example availability requests, rate information, bookings, changes to booking and cancellations.) This presents a challenge for traditional Business Intelligence reporting. This case study discussion will describe the approach, the technology used, results obtained and lessons learned.

•    Big Data, Little Decisions: Tightening the Loop between Data Crunching and Human Expertise
Speakers: Zack Bennett, Consulting Computational Linguist, and Marc G. L’Heureux, Senior Computational Linguist, LexisNexis
This case study examines how the legal and professional business of LexisNexis uses scaled active learning on the HPCC Systems environment to focus manual topical annotations on critical documents pulled from a large corpus powering its content and technology solutions. The active learning system uses natural language processing and machine learning techniques to identify and present “next best” training set candidates to legal editors, combining massive parallel processing with expert human analysis to improve classifier accuracy while minimizing human effort.

Mary Galvin of LexisNexis Special Services Inc. will also present a demo session at CTS 2013 on Smart View™ Entity Resolution. This demo highlights how data scientists can gain new, deeper insights into entities of interest across “big” datasets; all without needing to attempt to integrate separate, disparate technologies for data processing, entity resolution, and data enrichment. Smart View’s unique statistical approach, combined with an easy-to-use interface and powerful visualization features, offers a compelling solution for data scientists tasked with solving their organization’s internal entity resolution challenges.

Participants on the BDDAC 2013 International Program Committee can be found here .

LexisNexis offers free, online introductory programming classes to learn HPCC Systems, designed for professional and student developers and the academic community. For more information, visit http://learn.lexisnexis.com/hpcc .

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