The shortest path to "doing big data" is HPCC Systems

For those who don’t know me, here is a brief intro in the context of this blog post.

Some people say I talk a lot!? Just so you know, I am not all talk. I explore, I hack and I get it done; more often than not, I am on my own end to end on the getting it done side of things.

Einstein said, “Curiosity has its own reason for existing”. I am intensely curious and I am always looking for new insights in big data. I am probably most interested as a closet sociologist; I am curious about the behaviour of people and social groups and the faint footprints in data that are left when they coordinate activities and events (good and bad events!).

I am fortunate to be surrounded by some of the brightest big data technology innovators and data scientists who were doing unbelievable big data hacks to do everything from helping find serial killers and snipers a decade ago to combating massive fraud rings right now. We are in the business of doing, getting results and ultimately helping generate revenue!

If you are big data curious and you are looking at the emerging technologies, of which there are many, it probably seems like a steep learning curve and a lot of effort just to get to the point of being able to “do something”.

Do you need to learn Python, R and/or Java? What technologies do you need to install and configure to spin up a data intensive supercomputer?

All these questions are important, but they can distract from the business of doing.

The best way to get started in data science is to DO data science!

If you have big data, you are curious and you want to get stuck in, try HPCC Systems. If you don’t have big data, I will show you where to download some and get stuck in.

Three reasons:

  1. One ecosystem that seamlessly gives you all the functionality of a bunch of alternative technologies.
  2. One programming language purpose built for data intensive computing, perfect for data science. ECL
  3. Only 1 person required, YOU!

There are many reasons why the shortest path to “doing big data” is HPCC Systems but that discussion is for another post and another day.

Today is about you, big data and taking the first step! Join our ‘working smart’ community! Regardless of whether you are a student, startup engineer or you work in an existing enterprise, HPCC Systems is a great platform to scale up from zero to hero!

Start small, download the VM and JUMP IN!