Why HPCC Systems?

With HPCC Systems you can process and analyze big data more efficiently and reliably than with any other comparable solution available. The platform delivers superior performance, agility, and scalability, and has been proven in mission-critical big data production environments for over a decade.

About HPCC Systems

In this video, Developer Drea Leed discuss the components of HPCC Systems and why she enjoys working with the platform.

  • More efficient paradigm than MapReduce
  • Far less code
  • Faster development
  • Cloud-ready

Why use HPCC Systems rather than competing technologies? HPCC Systems:

  • Is easier to program and easier to administer than Hadoop
  • Is a superior alternative
  • Is a more complete big data analytics solution than Hadoop
  • Has been used in production environments for longer than Hadoop

HPCC Systems provides all the features you need to tackle big data challenges in your enterprise:

  • Runs on commodity hardware
  • Built-in distributed file system
  • Scales out to thousands of nodes
  • Fault resilient
  • Powerful development IDE
  • Extension modules for specific big data tasks like machine learning or web log analytics
  • Comprehensive operational tools

The HPCC Systems platform is a complete open source solution for big data processing and analytics. The platform includes:

  • Massively scalable data refinery environment for ingesting and transforming structured or unstructured big data from diverse sources
  • Data delivery engine for real-time querying and data warehousing
  • Powerful programming language optimized for big data processing
  • Standards-based web services platform for end user access to big data queries

The HPCC Systems platform enables you to process big data faster than competing solutions. Benchmark tests comparing HPCC Systems to Hadoop for identical big data tasks demonstrate a clear performance superiority for the HPCC Systems platform.