How It Works

Open Source and Enterprise-Proven
Big Data Analytics Platform

Two integrated clusters, a declarative programming language,and a standards-based web services platform form the basis of this comprehensive, massively scalable big data solution.

Powerful Open Source Big Data Analytics Platform

Born from LexisNexis® Risk Solutions deep data analysis history, HPCC Systems® helps businesses of all sizes to find the answers they need by making data easier to process, analyze and understand.

HPCC Systems incorporates a software architecture implemented on commodity shared-nothing computing clusters to provide high-performance, data-parallel processing and delivery for applications utilizing Big Data. The HPCC Systems platform includes system configurations to support both parallel batch data processing (Thor) and high-performance data delivery applications using indexed data files (ROXIE). It also includes a high level and implicitly parallel data-centric declarative programming language for parallel data processing, called Enterprise Control Language (ECL).

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